February Favourites

Hello Marshmallows ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

It’s now the end of February, which means the start of spring is just around the corner and time for my first ever monthly favourites post.  Even though this month is a short one, the fact there was a half-term break means I had a lot of opportunities to go shopping and explore new places.

Playsuit-£5 From H&M

I absolutely love the bright pattern and colours.  It is such a great fit and it looks amazing when paired with rose gold jewellery.  This time of year may not be the most appropriate time to wear it, but I can’t wait to get it out in the Summer.  What makes this even better is the original price was £30 and I got it in the sale for £5.  Got to love a bargain!


Water bottle-£2 From Paperchase

This cute and bright design attracted me…and my fetish for pineapples…and the sale offer of £2.  I love having it on my desk when I’m working; it just helps to brighten up my day.


Water Bottle- £2 From Tiger

This water bottle is so cute!  It’s 500ml so it’s just the right size to fit in my bag for school. The strap is also handy for when I want to carry it around.

Nail Polish-Miss Sporty Quick Dry-£1.99 From Superdrug

I bought this previously and I ran out of it.  I loved it so much I purchased another one and I found out they now make one that dries in 60 seconds.  It’s a colour you can wear everyday and the application is so easy.

Nail Polish-Miss Sporty Gel Shine-£1.99 From Superdrug

This metallic blue is so beautiful.  It is quite a casual colour but stands out at the same time and it is easy to match.  Once again the application is great.

Nail Polish-Color Show 60 Seconds 232 Rose Chic Maybelline-£3.99 From Superdrug

I’ve been trying to find a rose gold coloured nail polish for a very long time (why are they so difficult to find?) ,but I came across this and I instantly fell in love with it.  The application is amazing and the sparkles make it 10 times better.


Headphones-£7.99 From Typo

Instantly the aesthetic of these headphones attracted me.  I love the gold detailing and the colour co-ordination matches so well.  I was a bit sceptical about whether to buy these because I was unsure if the sound quality would be good, but I took the chance and I am so glad I did.  My music sounds so much better with these headphones and it is really comfortable.


Taiyaki-£3.75 From Bake in Chinatown London

I think my life has changed. I am craving for Taiyaki right now!  Green tea ice cream is my favourite flavour and having it in a crispy, fish shaped pastry made it 10 times better.  It’s so cute and it tastes amazing, especially because they are all freshly made! I would definitely recommend to get one if you are ever in China Town.


Favourite songs

‘Spring Day’ and ‘Not Today’ by BTS  from their album ‘You Never Walk Alone’

AGHHHHHHHHH BTS are my shiteu! Their voices are so beautiful, the MVs are so beautiful, they are so beautiful! Jimin with pink hair! Ok, but seriously, ‘Spring Day’ is one of those songs where you chill to and it is just so aesthetic to the ears.  Meanwhile ‘Not Today’ is really intense, but it is powerful and gets your energy up.  These songs have been on repeat pretty much everyday for me.

Image result for bts you never walk alone

‘Don’t Recall’ by KARD

I’m so excited for this group! I love the fact that they are a mixed gender K-pop group, who are breaking through the norms.  This song has a good tune which is strangely upbeat but calming at the same time.  I would also recommend to check out their other song ‘Oh NaNa’, which is more lively and really catchy.

Image result for kard don't recall

‘Should’ve Held On’ by ASTRO from their album ‘Winter Dream’

With their recent release of their album consisting of 3 singles this is my most favourite.  It is really catchy and it is just a good feel song.  They have gotten so far and I can’t wait for their new concept in their next album!

Image result for astro

Random fact of the month

Someone on Earth reports seeing a UFO every 3 minutes.


Hope you enjoyed this!

Love Christie x


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